Achieve Success through Effective Strategic Planning

Studies show nearly 90% of businesses are operating without a Strategic Plan -- and of those that do, only about 15% are actually following their plan. My mission is to help all types of organizations realize the tremendous benefits of properly creating and implementing a strategic plan. As a Strategic Planning Facilitator, I work with groups within organizations to develop focused plans to achieve both short and long term goals.

Why Have a Strategic Plan?

Having a strategic plan is the best way to bring focus and direction to your organization. Do you have a vision of what your business will look like three years from now? Savvy leaders don't wait for things to happen — they anticipate, they plan, they monitor — and most importantly, they protect themselves from external forces that could put them out of business. (more)

Using a Strategic Planning Facilitator is a Smart Move

As the leader of your company or organization it’s your responsibility to guide its activities. Your contributions to the strategic planning process are critical and it’s important for you to fully participate on the team and be engaged in the discussions. (more)

Let's Get Started...

I'm confident in saying that effective strategic planning will help your business or organization to be more successful. I purposely use the qualifier 'effective' because many businesses create strategic plans without following tried and true methodologies, and even those that do, studies show the vast majority don't fully commit to following the plan once it's back to business as usual. (more)

Let's discuss your organization's goals and how I can help you achieve them.

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