About Jim Gribble

I love strategic planning! Jim Gribble sitting at conference table facilitating strategic planning meeting.

Time and time again, I’ve seen its power to focus and bring about ultimate success…

It started early in my career…

As a Product Manager with Xerox, I spent a week at the Xerox Training Center where I learned a tremendous amount about classic strategic planning.

Over the next 15+ years, while running profit centers as large as $85 million and being responsible for over $1 billion in revenue at various companies, I developed a real appreciation for the entire strategic planning process — and the successes it helped me to realize.

I Quickly Appreciated Two Benefits of an Effective Strategic Plan…

I found that went I focused on establishing just a few, very important objectives and worked hard to flush-out sound plans to meet those goals, top management would often accept my budget with little revision. As a profit center manager, I can’t tell you how satisfying and confidence-building this was!

Most importantly, the strategic plan gave me and my team a clear path for moving forward – everyone was on the same page!

Getting Started with Effective Strategic Planning

When you establish your company’s mission, its core competencies, top objectives, and agreed upon action plans, it will bring clarity and focus — and will ensure every part of your organization is pointed in the same direction.

I can help you to make this a reality! Let’s start with a phone conversation…

Help me to understand the state of your business. I want to learn about the challenges you face and the goals you envision. My role is to help you enhance your leadership through the creation of plans aimed at achieving the most important objectives for your business. I will work with you to establish the process that you feel is right for your team.

Now this all may seem like pretty basic stuff, but I’ll tell you what you’re potentially ‘buying’ here:

You’ll be contracting with ME to personally make this happen. And I can assure you that I will move this process forward and we will accomplish the objectives we set. I know how to get things done — it’s always been my greatest strength!

To get the ball rolling, please provide me with some basic information about you and your company or organization.

Rest assured, all information you share is completely confidential.