How I Became a Believer in Predictive Index® (PI®)

In 1985, I traveled from Connecticut to Los Angeles to interview with an up-and-coming company there. Upon my arrival, I was asked to take a behavioral assessment called the Predictive Index®. After getting the job and coming on board, I learned they were looking for someone with a very specific work related behaviors that were strongly expressed.

These behaviors included someone who: was capable of breaking new ground, was comfortable taking risks and making independent decisions, worked with a sense of urgency, and would be attentive to important details and follow up. Thankfully, my PI indicated I was a fit for this profile!

Predictive Index Test Screen ShotI continued to use the Predictive Index in my new role and was trained to become a PI Analyst. This allowed me to administer and interpret PIs myself. Over the next five years, we quadrupled the size of the company both in terms of sales and numbers of employees and I came to depend on the PI to help me make many smart hiring and management decisions. I became a big believer in the power of the Predictive Index.

Over the decades that would follow, I continued to use the PI in every professional role I tackled. I always felt it gave me ‘the edge’ I needed to foster great communications and ‘clue me in on’ what my individual coworkers ‘needed’.

I eventually reached a point in my career when I decided to focus all my effort toward helping organizations realize their missions. I closed down my other businesses and shifted to my strategic planning facilitation services. And since the Predictive Index played such an important role over the course of my career, I decided to devote myself to introducing and training others in its use. Today, in my role as a Senior Consultant with PIMidlantic, I’m doing just that!

On the left is a summary of the key strategic uses for the Predictive Index. I have seen countless times how employers initially use PI during the talent acquisition process where its impact can be immediate. Then they discover how this tool can be extremely valuable as a way to open lines of communication among existing employees, help to identify future leaders, be invaluable during change and reorganization, and ultimately become fully integrated into a company’s culture.

I encourage you to try the Predictive Index yourself — you’ll be amazed how this 10 minute assessment can yield such powerful insights into what ‘makes you tick’. Submit your info using the form below and I’ll send you a link to take the PI online.

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