New accessPI Interface Takes Human Capital Analytics to Next Level (Video)

Predictive Index clients were ‘wowed’ by the new accessPI™ 15.1 release. The powerful, easy-to-use software solution provides them with secure online access to their valuable Predictive Index behavioral assessment data.

Companies are given unlimited use of Predictive Index and define which individuals within their organization have access to the data. These trained ‘PI Analysts’ have continuous online access to tools and data that support a fast-paced and analytical decision-making process. They collect, analyze, and apply assessment data through the accessPI technology platforms, including robust integrations to industry-leading applicant tracking systems (ATS) and human resource information systems (HRIS) applications.

Watch the short demonstration video below highlighting the new, robust features in accessPI:

The new accessPI interface provides help to the user at every turn, including handy How-To-Videos. Report data and the new profile patterns are easier to interpret than ever before.

Clients securely administer Predictive Index (PI) and PRO assessments electronically anywhere in the world. By eliminating geography from the recruitment equation, and leveraging the 65 languages into which the PI has been translated, managers can consider more candidates and easily share observations, ideas, and strategies with their teams.

Integrate accessPI into Your Present System with accessPI-Connect™

accessPI-Connect (“Connect”) is an optional online enhancement to accessPI that seamlessly integrates the Predictive Index assessment into your own web-based recruiting or HR initiatives. Currently, Connect has been integrated into 20+ web-based solutions, including Oracle/Taleo Business and Enterprise Editions.

With Connect, the delivery of the PI is automated, and applicants complete all online requirements consistently and in one comprehensive and time-efficient experience. All PI data generated is stored and accessible in accessPI.

Connect is available in two editions:

Survey Edition: Survey Edition administers the PI assessment directly through your website, ATS, or HRIS. You access your data directly through your standard accessPI accounts.

Enterprise Edition: For clients seeking additional convenience, functionality, and a single sign-on solution, Enterprise Edition provides all the benefits of Survey Edition while allowing convenient access to Connect-generated PI data directly from the ATS or HRIS. You can leverage additional functionality such as emailing, downloading, viewing, and printing PI assessment data directly from your web-based applications, without having to log into accessPI.

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