Jim Gribble is Your Next Speaker!

Jim Gribble enthusiastically speaking to an audience

If you are in need of a speaker, Jim Gribble delivers engaging presentations and workshops on a variety of business topics. 

Areas of expertise include: strategic planning, human capital analytics, talent selection, leadership, and accelerating sales.

By tailoring his interactive sessions to the needs of each audience, Jim keeps his listeners extremely engaged and informed. His 35 years of experience enhance his discussions with insights that provide attendees with ideas and strategies they can put to use right away.

Jim is available for interviews, webinars, presentations, as well as single and multi-day educational training workshops.


Here are few sample topics:

(If you do not see a topic below that meets your speaker needs, please contact us.)

Hiring the Right People & Retaining Your Top Performers

A study by the Society for Human Resource Management revealed that 53% of resumes contained significant inaccuracies ranging from job history (41%) to education (23%). Hiring managers must be able to go beyond the resume and utilize other tools to successfully hire and retain exemplary employees. This session focuses on the intricacies of the interview process, understanding the veracity of resumes, and references, and the importance of using data from behavioral assessments to truly understand a candidate’s drives and motivations. Read Full Abstract

Tackling the Global Talent Shortage with Behavioral Assessment Data

One third of companies struggle to attract the skilled workers needed to successfully drive their businesses. Successful Strategic planning will alleviate this issue. This interactive session provides an overview of a data driven strategic workforce planning process. It highlights the role behavioral analytics plays during key phases of the planning process, and offers suggestions that will help leaders develop a sensational workforce plan. Read Full Abstract

Avoiding 7 Mistakes that Lead to a Bad Hire

The U.S Department of Labor estimates that the average cost of a poor hiring decision can equal 30% of that hire’s first year earnings. This interactive session concentrates on taking the guesswork out of the hiring process using a scientifically based, predicative method for finding, placing, and developing employees in the roles for which they are most naturally suited to succeed. Participants compare real-world examples of hires made with traditional acquisition processes vs. scientifically based assessments. Read Full Abstract

Using Workforce Analytics to Navigate Organizational Change

Research shows that 70% of all major organizational change efforts fail. Do your leaders have the skills to achieve sustainable change while building trust and rapport among their employees? This session focuses on using the Four Pillars of Change Model and data from proven behavioral science to effectively implement and endure organizational change. Read Full Abstract

Improving Team Performance with Data-Driven Decisions

81% of Fortune 500 companies are building partially team based organizations. It is imperative that managers understand each of their team member’s motivational needs and drives for optimal business success. This interactive session highlights how to use group analytics to apply behavioral data to all parts of a team’s lifecycle, enhancing group collaboration, reducing conflict, thus greatly increasing team productivity. Read Full Abstract

Managing the Challenges of Today’s Virtual Workforce

According to the U.S Census Bureau currently an estimated 20-30 million people work from home at least one day a week. Traditional management techniques are ineffective in the virtual workforce. Hence, managers must learn to lead differently. This session highlights the main challenges managers face and outline the key principals that will ensure success with any virtual team. Read Full Abstract


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