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Strategic Planning is…

establishing goals for your company and charting a course to point you squarely in the direction of those goals.

Every business has a course and direction. Left alone, just like a sailboat on open water, your course and direction will drift with the wind and currents. But if the captain has a clear destination and takes control, then the boat becomes a vehicle with a purpose and goal.

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Proven Results

As a relatively new business with tremendous growth potential, we were looking at plenty of business opportunities, yet we had limited resources. Jim Gribble convinced me that it would be critical to establish a sound strategic plan in order to realize our greatest potential in the short and long term. He facilitated our entire strategic planning process, which included the establishment of our company’s mission statement. Today, our mission statement proudly hangs in our manufacturing facility so all our employees are reminded of what we are all working to accomplish. The process also resulted in making some difficult decisions regarding our new product development initiatives so that we could dedicate our precious resources on growing our core business. Adhering to our strategic plan has proven to be an invaluable way to bring focus to our business and has helped us to fully realize our aggressive sales growth objectives.

Charles Popenoe, III
Chief Executive Officer
Stress Indicators, Inc.
Gaithersburg, Maryland

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Why Does My Company Need Strategic Planning?

Studies show that 95 percent of the typical workforce doesn’t understand its organization’s strategy. So chances are, your company is drifting and you may not even be aware it’s happening – that is, until your competition has taken over your market share and you find yourselves fighting for the very life of your business. (Read more about why it’s critical to have a Strategic Plan.)

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Creating an Effective Strategic Plan

Whenever I refer to strategic planning I’m always sure to add the qualifier “effective.” Time and time again I’ve seen businesses use precious time and company resources creating a plan that’s simply ineffective. Either the plan was created without regard to tried-and-true strategic planning principles or once it’s published, it goes on the shelf and it’s back to business as usual.

Although no one strategic planning model fits all organizations, there are certain basic elements all businesses should aspire to when developing their strategic plan.

Your plan should:

1) Reflect the values of the organization.

2) Inspire action toward a bold future.

3) Explain how you will win in your marketplace.

4) Define the benchmarks for success.

5) Guide the entire organization’s daily decisions.

My mission as a Strategic Planning Facilitator is to help businesses like yours realize the tremendous power of effective strategic planning. I will guide your team through the process of creating an effective plan and will continue to work with you to ensure the plan is properly implemented.

I invite you to use the form at the top of the page to set up a free consultation so we can discuss the state of your business. I’d like to learn more about the challenges you face and the goals you envision. My role is to help you enhance your leadership through the creation of plans aimed at achieving the most important objectives for your business.

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