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The Predictive Index Is…

a scientifically validated behavioral assessment that predicts an individual’s workplace behavior.


Founded in science in 1955 and developed specifically for use in business, the PI provides managers with accurate, actionable data quantifying the unique motivating needs and behavioral drives of each employee and potential employee. (Read more…)

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We Have Proven Results

“In 2010, prior to the implementation of PI, we hired 330 OPC’s. The following year, by attracting the right people for the role, we only had to hire 130 OPC’s (61% fewer hires).”

Elizabeth Weller
Executive Vice President
Gold Key/PHR

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“Without PI I don’t think we could have put together this exceptional team of people.”

Jim Smitherman
Security State Bank

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“‘We’ll always have turnover because telemarketing is a difficult job,’ said Lavertu, ‘but in less than one year, we have improved employee retention by 35% using PI.”‘

Terri Lavertu
Manager of Human Resources
Lens Express

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Why Use the Predictive Index?

With numerous behavioral assessments available today, none can match the features and benefits of Predictive Index:

1) Our Survey is Quick & Simple to Administer.

The PI takes typically less than 10 minutes to complete online with results available immediately.

2) The PI is Designed for the Workplace.

Other popular assessments are not to be used for hiring decisions (according to their own materials) and were not originally created for use in the workplace.

3) Your One Time Purchase Buys Unlimited Use.

Clients may administer PI to as many job candidates as desired and to use PI throughout the organization for development, change management and sales growth.

4) Build on What You Learn for Years to Come, Free of Charge.

Clients become self-sufficient in the use of PI through the PI Management Workshop™, the companion Knowledge program to the PI assessment (rather than per click or consultant dependent).

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Get Valid, Reliable, & Actionable Results From the Predictive Index


With over 2 million completed assessments per year and in use by over 8,500 organizations worldwide, PI is applicable throughout the entire employee life cycle of selection, development, and retention. Hundreds of statistical studies have shown PI is valid, reliable, and free of bias. PI also fully complies with employers’ obligations under the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures.

The proprietary Predictive Index consists of a powerful combination of assessment, educational training and consulting support. PI’s unique model of knowledge transfer enables managers to drive organizational performance with accurate data about their people.

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Only Predictive Index is Designed for All These Business Uses

Talent Acquisition Talent Development Change Management Growth Strategy
Find and hire the right people: Build teams and develop leaders: Build trust and manage transitions: Improve productivity and drive revenue:
• Job definition creation
• Job fit/gap analysis
• Selection and hiring
• Onboarding
• Coaching
• Leadership development
• Succession planning
• Team building
• Culture shift
• Conflict resolution
• Strategic workforce planning
• Communication and Retention
• Sales performance and coaching
• Benchmarking and diagnosis
• Influence and productivity
• Leadership for rapid growth


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