Using a Strategic Planning Facilitator is a Smart Move

Silhouettes of MeetingAs the leader of your company or organization, it’s your responsibility to guide its activities — in short, creating an effective strategic plan is your responsibility.

Your contributions to the strategic planning process are critical. After all, you’re the one who has an all-inclusive view and understanding of your business.

Your vision should be part of the development of the plan and it’s important for you to fully participate on the strategic planning team and be engaged in the discussions. When you use an experienced Strategic Planning Facilitator responsible for managing the process, you will be freed of these duties.

Think of it like hosting a dinner party… even if you’re a gourmet chef, taking on this role for your party is not a good idea. If you spend half the time in the kitchen, you’re going to miss out on socializing with your guests and enjoying the evening.

Even though you may be well-qualified to spearhead your company’s strategic planning process, it’s clearly a wise move to delegate the overall responsibility for developing and implementing the plan to someone else. Now you can be fully engaged as a contributor.

In addition, using a strategic planning facilitator will also help to level the playing field among the team members and maintain an atmosphere of informality in which all participants feel free to address any issue without fear of reprisal. Creating and maintaining this type of atmosphere is critical to the success of the process and why many companies use an experienced facilitator to lead the effort.

Furthermore, an outside facilitator will not only bring a more objective point of view to discussions, but will bring a fresh perspective as well. And when sensitive issues and conflicts do arise, a skilled facilitator can help channel emotions into constructive problem solving.

Getting Started with Effective Strategic Planning

When you establish your company’s mission, its core competencies, top objectives, and agreed upon action plans, it will bring clarity and focus — and will ensure every part of your organization is pointed in the same direction.

I can help you to make this a reality!

Let’s start with a phone conversation. Help me to understand the state of your business. I want to learn about the challenges you face and the goals you envision. My role is to help you enhance your leadership through the creation of plans aimed at achieving the most important objectives for your business. I will work with you to establish the process that you feel is right for your team.

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Strategic Planning Facilitator, Jim Gribble “The Strat Plan Guy”, has decades of experience helping all types of organizations achieve their goals. During the first part of his career he ran profit centers as large as $85 million for leading direct-to-consumer companies. Jim first learned the power of strategic planning in the 80’s as a Product Manager at Xerox. Next, at International Masters Publishers he led a strategic planning effort that guided the company’s growth from $30 million to over $120 million in just four years. As an independent consultant for the past 15 years, Jim has developed strategic plans and marketing programs that have resulted in tremendous success for many clients. You’re invited to learn more about what Jim can do to help your business or organization benefit from effective strategic planning.